• Email: info@viewability.nl
  • Phone: +31 6 28 335 660
  • Karvelsedijk 8 3194NB Hoogvliet

How to contact

Your able to contact me via the contact form or by sending me an e-mail. You are also able to give me a call if you'll like to have direct contact. You can ask me any questions about our paid assignments or if you are interested in my artwork or time for print. Don't hesitate just ask, and as we say in Dutch, you could get a yes you already have the no.

Contact form


Order Shooting
I do several kind of shootings, you can order either a specific assignment where you decide what you want or give us an idea of what you are looking for. I work on a no cure no pay base and my goal is not to make a profit but merrily to get paid to expand my creativity and share this with the world. This is also the reason that I offer models the time for print option so we both benefit on the artwork. Just ask me what you want and I'm sure we are able to create some kind of deal and some amazing results.
Time for Print
If you're model looking for ways to expand your portfolio but don't have the money to spend I offer you a method called time for print. You'll give me your time so we could arrange a shoot and create some amazing pictures. After we are finished we'll both look at the end result. You select the pictures you want for your portfolio, I'll arrange a print, a CD or offer them on USB. I'll select the pictures I want to use for my artwork and to put on my website. Artwork that's being sold I would even agree to give you a percentage of the deal. Just let me know what you're looking for or if you want me to spread my ideas just ask.
Artwork is something special something personal. You can select any artwork from my artwork gallery or ask me or show me what you're looking for. Art comes in all sizes and all kinds of materials. I also offer artwork to be exclusive and payment is based on the amount of copies sold or if you'll like to own the copyrights. I like to spread my art and I'd like people to enjoy my artwork any way they can.
I do nude shoots, but no pornographic. Nude is a form of art and is very exclusive I only offer to people I trust. Even to models when I ask them to do a nude shoot or vice versa trust is the only way that I'm able to create a print that's worth to keep or to share. If you are interested in a nude shoot send me mail or give me call so we can arrange a meeting and see if there is a mutual trust. For my artwork have look art gallery if you're interested send me an e-mail or give me a call. Every nude artwork that I'll sell the models if possible will be notified.
Work with other artists
If you are either a makeup artist, a clothing designer or any other artist and you are interested in working together you could either order a shoot or use the same method as mentioned at time for print. Just share send me some of your artwork, your ideas and we might work out a deal. A joined effort of different artists could result in some amazing results. If the trust is there it could be we will work more often and share our artwork with our clients.
Regular shoots
As you might have noticed there is no regular pictures or video's in my portfolio like weddings, family or kids. There are many photographers and artists that already offer these services. It's not my goal to follow them in their footsteps. Occasionally I do such a shoot, but only when it is special to me or for family and friends. Based on my portfolio you are always able to challenge me, offer me something new something out of the ordinary. I'd like to do a gothic wedding someday, just to let you know I'm open for the idea.